Creativity has been in our family for generations. My great-grandfather was an art painter by profession. My grandfather and my father were good hobbyists and photographers.

At home we had a dark room, the development process was exciting. For as long as I can remember, I have owned a camera. When I had children of my own they became my beloved models.

After quite a busy working life, I intensified my photography passion.  I always want to improve my skills by attending courses, reading about photography and experimenting. Eventually I came into contact with model photography and I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

It makes me so happy to work with a team, to connect to people, to find new friendships and share feelings and emotions.

My work improved enormously the last few years. I received many awards from Facebook groups and have had several images published.

My studio, being an old stable, is based in The Betuwe near Culemborg, The Netherlands. It gives me a lot of opportunities to work and express myself. It can be transformed in a living room as well as a water pool. The backdrops are mostly home-made. I love to create a painterly effect in my photographs to tell the story.  My inspiration comes from paintings, stories or a special object. Beforehand there is a lot of thinking involved to come to a certain creation.

My husband is my great support in my work. He assists during the photo shoots and keeps a close eye on the personal welfare of everyone. As traveling is a part of our lifestyle as well, we have many opportunities to shoot. My camera is always in my bag resulting in beautiful memories of our trips.


Questions about my work, workshops or a commisioned assignment please contact me.

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